COVID-19 update

COVID-19 update

In light of the current health crisis and the government’s guidelines, we have closed New Art Studio for a few months. The members of New Art Studio, although traumatised, are incredibly resilient and resourceful. Yet some live alone, which will be very challenging in the coming weeks and months.

We remain in contact with our members as both a group and as individuals via WhatsApp. We post artwork made on the day for all to see and comment. The members know that I and the studio volunteers, Jasmine and Ruanna, are free to talk on the phone when needed.

All asylum seekers and refugees have experienced the chaos of war and civil unrest. They understand more than most the fragility of normal. They live with uncertainty on a daily basis, and the threat of deportation and/or detention is ever present.

In part they remain strong thanks to the links made at New Art Studio. We have been a constant in their lives, some for over 10 years. I intend to keep up this consistency via phone calls and messages. Relationships are what matter most at this time. Despite isolation, we are not alone.

To all our supporters I want to say a big thank you for your donations and support so far. Wishing everyone good mental, physical and spiritual health.

Tania Kaczynski,
New Art Studio Director

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