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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are living in increasingly fractious times. Times of political, social and economic uncertainty – and with uncertainty come division, scapegoating and disengagement. One year after our last event, there still is no solution to the migrant crisis, nor peace in Syria or solace from the violent ideology of ISIL. Worse, there is a disturbing rise in popularity of political figures who endorse bigotry and violence. Walls are being built and bridges being destroyed. The paralysis of international aid toward the refugee crisis risks becoming representative of the spirit of this age; we fear we are amidst an age of moral and political crisis.

Amidst such insecurity, we continue to provide therapeutic support to our members. It continues to be a place where people can find creativity and hospitality; a refuge from a hostile and insecure world. Our members continue to value the Studio as a space where they can feel safe.

As ever, we have been providing more than just art therapy, offering English lessons from ESL trained volunteers, life drawing classes from a royal academy trained fine artist and the opportunity to engage with nature – in the shape of our annual trip to Oxfordshire.

We have also made the decision to set up as our own organisation, and left the Helen Bamber Foundation in July. This gives us a great opportunity to grow and develop our identity as a therapeutic & creative community and to assert our therapeutic model; which sees communal artmaking as a catalyst for social and psychological integration.

Since our independence, we have developed a relationship with the Ben Uri gallery, who have a 100 year history of exhibiting migrant artists. From this we are fortunate to have a trainee art psychotherapist working with us.

As ever we are reliant on the generosity of others to continue our work, and donations (of money and art materials) are gratefully accepted. We are also looking for people willing to volunteer their time to offer english language support to our members. We also have space for new members, and welcome referrals.

Do get in touch, if you would like to help us, or know anyone who could benefit from becoming being a member of our therapeutic art studio.

The studio is currently preparing for our next exhibition – a small showcase of artwork and we hope you are able to join us in celebrating the Studio’s artist’s creativity and imagination.

We will be contact soon, with details of our next exhibition, and look forward to seeing you there.

With warm wishes,

Jon Martyn, co-founder New Art Studio.

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