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“When I paint pictures I forget my torture.”

The New Art Studio exists to give refugees and asylum seekers a space to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.

We believe in the transformative power of art making and acknowledge the importance of relationships for human survival.

Asylum seekers commonly have been traumatised, marginalised and dehumanised in their home country, by their journey and their from treatment of their host country.  Instability, imposed poverty and uncertainty for the future make it difficult to either engage with society or recover from experiences.

The New Art Studio is a creative therapeutic community.  The Studio offers stability, hospitality and opportunity to recover.  Through social artmaking, studio members have the opportunity to explore and overcome trauma and build a new life.

  • This is done through forming new relationships, exploring creativity, redeveloping trust, being valued by others, rebuilding self-value and sharing experiences.  Given time studio members rediscover meaning and find purpose in life.
  • We offer specialist, long-term art psychotherapy.
  • We offer opportunity to exhibit as a way of engaging with society and overcome social division.  Exhibiting gives our members a voice and opportunity to engage with the public.
It was founded and run by state registered art psychotherapists, Tania Kaczynski and Jon Martyn.