New Art Studio: Sponsored by the Sutasoma Trust.

Asylum seekers commonly have been traumatised, marginalised and dehumanised in their home country and by their journey.  Sadly, this dehumanisation does not stop when they arrive in the UK.  Asylum seekers are kept in a punitive system where they are not allowed to work and forced to live on handouts and charity.  Their legal case to claim asylum often takes years to conclude.  Instability, imposed poverty and uncertainty for the future make it difficult to either engage with society or recover from experiences.


The New Art Studio offers stability and opportunity to recover from the nightmares of the past.  It is a creative therapeutic community, an environment where we meet through communal art making.  We offer our members the opportunity to explore and overcome trauma, regain trust in others and build a new life.


We believe that art making is transformative.  The desire to make a mark, to say ‘I exist’ is as old as human history.  We believe that art gives opportunity to unite us – overcoming language barriers and giving opportunity to see and value cultural difference.


The Studio offers opportunity to exhibit as a way of being involved with society and address social division.  Exhibiting gives our members a voice and a change to engage with the public.


At the Studio, it is through the relationships with art and each other, that new ways of being and new identities can be formed.  We strive to help our members rediscover meaning and find purpose in life.


It was founded and run by art psychotherapists, Tania Kaczynski and Jon Martyn.