Outdoor workshops

New Art Studio as an entity always survives against all odds. During this 3rd long, isolated and repetitive lockdown, we have been extremely lucky to have joined forces with the Forest School Collective.

They provided us with a beautiful field, a yurt, a fire, food, art activities, nature education and a safe place outside for isolated members to be together, making art in nature.

During lockdown ordinary social engagement has taken on a heightened meaning. The days of the outdoor workshops have an extraordinary atmosphere of elation through connection. People have been starved of company, so the usual studio combination of artmaking and being connected to others is even more profound.

NAS has a history of making art in nature, from our early days of meeting in Finsbury Park, to our beautiful trips to Oxford. Members immediately settle into painting the landscape around them, or learning weaving from willow, collecting flowers to add to creations, sowing seeds, using clay, making flutes from bamboo sticks, tending the fire and cooking.

We participated in 8 workshops during lockdown, and each and every one was creative and energising.  During these difficult times the workshops have given our members a sense of sanity and camaraderie. Imagination and the desire to create can be even stronger during lockdown, and having a space to execute those thoughts and feelings have confirmed the importance of NAS for our members. We return to Islington Arts Factory on Monday 19th April, with a new collection of images and experiences from the workshops.

We would like to thank Linda and Nessa, the wonderful Forest School Collective workshop facilitators, for making us feel so welcome, for teaching us the wonders of nature, and for providing a space of safety and acceptance.

Yet again NAS was saved by new friends and likeminded souls.

The future looks bright!